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So today i had my first ever training course With iiaa – For those that have not heard of iiaa before here is an introduction to their work:

International Institute for Aging Skin or iiaa as their better known was founder by David Alpert. His first and only intentions were to empower Skincare professionals to achieve the best results for their clients and educate them with enriched knowledge.

iiaa believe that in order to achieve gorgeous healthy skin you simply must follow the three F’S ….. FEED, FORTIFY AND FINISH. iiaa describe these three F’s as a house – First you need a proper flooring in your house in order for it to actually be livable; without a floor you’d fall into the ground. Secondly you need stable foundations; you need good brick work to keep the house standing forever more. And lastly you need a roof; without a roof all your lovely flooring and walls will get wet and nasty bugs and animals will get in. Imagine the flooring is FEED, the foundations is FORTIFY and the ROOF is FINISH. This really helped me to understand that beauty is skin deep – Healthy skin works from the deepest layers of your skin right the way up to the superficial layer we can see and touch.┬áThere are three brands that make up iiaa and they are known as Advanced Nutrition Programme (Feed), Environ (Fortify) and Jane Iredale Makeup (Finish). All three brands believe and practice in feeding the skin with natural forms of Vitamins and Minerals formulated and specified for each and every skin type, conditions and needs.

I was mesmerised throughout the training day. I’d heard of Environ and iiaa before i’d started working at Wiltshire college and i have to say, i wasn’t to fussed by it all. Now i have heard the background story and theory behind it i’m really starting to love it. My level three students rave about Environ and tell me how much their skin has improved since using the products. Today’s training was on Advanced Nutrition Programme (FEED) part of iiaa Skincare journey. The course was an amazing and very informative eight hours long so i shall save all the juiciness for my next blog post …. So stay tuned!!

In the meantime, here are some websites for you to check out if your interested in finding out more info:

Thanks for reading and stay tuned ….

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